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Project description:
Contest projects in the fire training ground built a platform with a climbing rock wall , marked the starting point of the line next to the rock ; located across from a rock platform , located on the inside right position Iron Fire training tower ground contest projects the finish line. Between the facility and the training tower climbing , high-altitude located some distance from the ground to cross a rope . Ahead of climbing belay rope through , seat overhanging the fulcrum , the starting point is set in a small rope through the rope ( coiled hit the ground waist knot ) and rescue leash .
Participate in the training program in Fire contest aims : to enhance the overall quality of the fire brigade , the fire brigade to further strengthen the cohesion and combat effectiveness , create an invincible , all-conquering fire Iron team. Fire contest training program established in line with the actual needs of professional fire training system , do everything for real . Fire training project contest , imitating the fire brigade combat scenes, so that the fire brigade through personal involvement , reach perfect personality , enhance the role of psychological qualities . By participating in contest firefighting training program , not only can effectively increase the height so that the fire brigade and rescue capabilities , enhance physical fitness and equipment operation commanders the ability to rescue more truly professional , scientific rescue, greatly enhance the level of logistical support .

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