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400 m amphibious landing














Project description:
400 meters States Navy amphibious landing is one of the daily training of the project, the site uses four rotating of 10 items. This is an amphibious landing operations to adapt to the requirements of physical training in amphibious landing 400 meters obstacle courses, including runways and set intervals and so on obstacles on the runway.
The obstacle is in order of priority: 1, 2 ladder, spiral staircase 3, 4 crossbar height, rope 5, 6 sets of tires climbing, swinging platform 7, shaking horizontal ladder 8, 9 cross-network, denial of the wall 10, simulated beach. Amphibious landing 400 meters obstacle crossing and landing field for combat operations environment to enhance the ability to adapt man sea combat, focusing on physical training to follow the law, in accordance with the principle of the system combination, in varying degrees to simulate loading, rough seas, transfer, landing special status on land, the collective energy, skills and psychological training as a whole, needs to adapt to the landing combat training.

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