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Military one hundred meters steeplechase














Length 100 m × 6 meters wide = 600 m ²
Project description:
Military one hundred meters barriers include: five steps piles, trenches, parapets , high jumping board , horizontal ladder, wooden bridge , walls , crawl ( low pile Network ) , turning a total of nine flags .
Military meters barrier project is one of the traditional military physical training program , the project is also one of the important physical training.
Specific operations : 100 m : sprint . 200 meters : the pile across the three steps , across the moat , a low wall jumping , jumping through the high board , horizontal ladder climbing through a difficult path , climb walls , crawl through low pile net. 300 meters : low pile across the net, climbing walls , bypass single-plank bridge pillars , horizontal ladder climbing , jumping more high kicking plate , drilled a low wall hole , jumped climbed the trenches, spanning five steps piles.
400 meters : sprint return .
Through the obstacle course people need to develop in military operations running , jumping, climbing , balancing and drilling support basic climbing skills, and can improve the speed, endurance , coordination , agility and other physical fitness ; develop courage , perseverance the will, through a variety of rapid wartime artificial and natural obstacles lay a good foundation .

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